DiscoverUnlocked with Savannah ChrisleyAthletes, Addictions & Affairs, OH MY!
Athletes, Addictions & Affairs, OH MY!

Athletes, Addictions & Affairs, OH MY!

Update: 2022-11-14


In this episode Savannah and Holly get vulnerable about their personal lives. Holly shares how her unholy matrimony, filled with betrayal, strip clubs and affairs, nearly drove her back to old habits of hyper independence and addiction. She describes the experience of becoming the sole caretaker for her son, Nash, who was the youngest child to ever to be diagnosed with Autism at Vanderbilt at the time and how that shaped her life.. The confusion of being married yet feeling so isolated and alone drove her to start questioning the man she married. Would he ever step up and become a partner to her? And when is it time to walk away?

The two unlikely friends found out how similar they are by choosing to lean on each other when their pain became too much to bear alone. Savannah’s fear of losing her parents and Holly’s fear of her family breaking apart made way for an unbreakable bond to develop between them. When it comes to getting back into the dating world…. Well, these two independent women may need another trip to onsite before trusting a man again! Savannah shares her most traumatic break up story to date and heeds warning about a certain athlete. No…it’s not Chandler Parsons… Which means it can only be one other. You won’t want to miss this!

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Athletes, Addictions & Affairs, OH MY!

Athletes, Addictions & Affairs, OH MY!