Bang Camaro (Band) - Gang Vocals

Bang Camaro (Band) - Gang Vocals

Update: 2022-12-30


Bang Camaro band members Alex Necochea and Bryn Bennett join Ralph Sutton and James Mattern and discuss Bang Camaro only following one person on social media - James Gunn, coming back from hiatus and having their song Push Push (Lady Lightning) featured on the Peacemaker TV show, how Bang Camaro makes so many people peforming on stage at one time work so well, getting kicked out of a bar with Nuno Bettencourt, being worried about the lyrics/style of past songs in today's environment and how they're adapting, Bryn Bennett growing up with hippies in a teepee, what Alex Necochea wants to happen when he dies, Alex Necochea and Bryn Bennett's first concert, first drug and first sexual experience and so much more!

(Air Date: December 24th, 2022)

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Bang Camaro (Band) - Gang Vocals

Bang Camaro (Band) - Gang Vocals