DiscoverPlaymakers: On PurposeBe Where Your Feet Are (ft. Sue Izzo, The ‘Female Jerry Maguire’)
Be Where Your Feet Are (ft. Sue Izzo, The ‘Female Jerry Maguire’)

Be Where Your Feet Are (ft. Sue Izzo, The ‘Female Jerry Maguire’)

Update: 2021-09-07


Be Where Your Feet Are (ft. Sue Izzo)

How Sue Izzo discovered the balance between future-focus and presence in the present


“I’ll be happy when I get this deal. I'll be happy when my athlete wins the Olympic medal. I'll be happy when we get this entertainment project. And it was one day in the office when one of my employees turned to me and she said, "You realize you always say that and you're never happy." And it was like a ton of bricks. I was like, "Oh my stars." She was so right. I was living my whole existence on the next, ‘I'll be happy when.’” —Sue Izzo


Sue Izzo is a well-known sports agent and manager sometimes known as the ‘female Jerry Maguire.’ She owned a successful sports management agency for 17 years, where she represented Olympic athletes, X-Games gold medalists, world champion surfers, and TV personalities. She has also been an executive producer of entertainment properties for ESPN, ABC, Apple TV, and NBC. She has since stepped into the space of business coaching, focused on marketing and brand positioning to allow for more freedom in the business world.

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[13:53 ] - “I’ll Be Happy When…”

The trap of pinning your happiness on some future accomplishment

Sue shares how she found herself caught up in the trap of thinking that her happiness and fulfilment were just one accomplishment or achieved goal away. But the truth is that happiness has far less to do with our achievements and successes and a whole lot more to do with your mindset. Decide to have joy today, not wait on it tomorrow.

[18:31 ] - Little Things

Joy doesn’t come from big wins, but from small moments

We always think that joy in life comes from the monumental moments, but in reality, it comes from all of the tiny events that make us human— a kind interaction at the grocery store, a phone call from a loved one, a beautiful spring morning. Don’t miss out on those moments with your head fixated on future massive events. 

[26:30 ] - Excitement on the Calendar

If nothing in your schedule excites you, it’s time to make a change

Every day, Paul wakes up and looks at his calendar for the day. If there’s nothing on it that excites him, he doesn’t get up from his journal session until there is something that excites him. 

[36:31 ] - The Changing Toolbox

Your ‘life tools’ change depending on your stage of life

The kinds of ‘tools’ we need to get through life’s challenges may change at various stages in our lives. Sometimes we’ll lean heavily on our close family members, sometimes our friends, and sometimes our sense of purpose in the work we’re doing. Always be aware of what and where your life toolbox is at a given stage of your journey.

[40:18 ] - Fixed Mindset vs. Growth Mindset

In order to change, you must first believe in your ability to change

One of the most effective indicators of whether a person can achieve personal success is whether they have a fixed mindset or a growth mindset. If you have a fixed mindset, you believe that all of your abilities are innate and can’t be added to or improved upon. If you have a growth mindset, you believe in the power to move beyond your current skills and circumstances to learn, achieve, and do more.



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Paul has spent nearly 15 years as a pro sports executive for multiple NFL and NBA teams, a global sports agency, and the NFL league office. He’s transformed numerous NBA teams from the absolute bottom in league revenue to top-two in financial performance. He’s broken every premium revenue metric in Super Bowl history as the NFL’s sales leader. He’s opened a billion-dollar stadium, helped save the New Orleans NBA franchise, and founded the San Francisco 49ers Talent Academy.

He's since installed his leadership and high-performance playbook with Fortune 500 leaders, Founders and CEOs, MBAs, and professional athletes.

Now, as Founder of Purpose Labs, keynote speaker, bestselling author, and host of the Playmakers: Impact Unleashed podcast, Paul explores how living and working with a focus on leadership, culture, and purpose can transform organizations and individuals anywhere to unleash their full potential.


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Be Where Your Feet Are (ft. Sue Izzo, The ‘Female Jerry Maguire’)

Be Where Your Feet Are (ft. Sue Izzo, The ‘Female Jerry Maguire’)

Sue Izzo, Detroit Podcast Studios, Paul Epstein, Connor Trombley