DiscoverThe Queer Family PodcastBecoming NYC Gay Dad, with José Rolón
Becoming NYC Gay Dad, with José Rolón

Becoming NYC Gay Dad, with José Rolón

Update: 2023-06-05


The Queer Family Podcast Pride Extravaganza! | S12 Ep 3 | Today we’re diving into the remarkable story of José Rolón, aka NYC Gay Dad. To expand their family, José and his husband, Tim, opted for surrogacy with egg donation. After a tragic event during their second pregnancy threatened to derail their dreams, José showed immense strength and resilience, and with a little help from his chosen family, he ultimately became a proud single gay dad to three fabulous children.

Through the power of social media, José has chosen to share his family's experiences with the world. We explore how he uses these platforms to showcase the love, joy, and everyday moments that make queer families truly extraordinary. Join us as we witness José's unwavering determination to challenge stereotypes and demonstrate the incredible awesomeness of queer families.

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“Who am I to raise three kids on my own?” José Rolón, NYC Gay Dad

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Becoming NYC Gay Dad, with José Rolón

Becoming NYC Gay Dad, with José Rolón

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