DiscoverThe Tragedy AcademyBreaking Down the Walls: A Candid Conversation About the Prison System and Medical Negligence
Breaking Down the Walls: A Candid Conversation About the Prison System and Medical Negligence

Breaking Down the Walls: A Candid Conversation About the Prison System and Medical Negligence

Update: 2023-04-24


In this episode of The Tragedy Academy Podcast🎙️, host Jay Hicks sits down with attorney Parrish, who advocates for prisoners suffering from medical negligence. This candid conversation delves into the prison system's flaws, its impact on inmates and prison staff, and legal advocacy's critical role in addressing medical negligence.

Join Jay and his guest, attorney Parrish, as they dive into the world of prison reform and the tragic reality of medical negligence behind bars. Throughout the conversation, Parrish shares their unique insights into the lives of inmates, the underpaid and overworked prison staff, and the importance of fighting for the rights of those most vulnerable within the system. Discover how Parrish's advocacy work aims to break the cycle of societal misunderstandings and implicit biases perpetuating prison system problems. Jay and Parrish's enlightening discussion will leave you thinking, reflecting, and motivated to learn more about prisoners' challenges and potential solutions to these critical issues. 🚀🗝️😢

Key Takeaways:

🚑 The importance of recognizing and addressing medical negligence in the prison system

👮 The challenges faced by underpaid and overworked prison staff

⚖️ The power of advocacy in bringing about change within the prison system

🌐 The role of societal understandings and implicit biases in perpetuating issues in the prison system

🧘 The opportunity for personal growth and self-reflection while incarcerated

Episode Quotes:

"They're providing an extremely important role for society, and they could be doing so much good for society, helping these people in prison get on track for the first time in their lives, you know, when they didn't have these opportunities." - Parrish, on the potential impact of prison staff

"The way these guards are treated is appalling. They're providing an extremely important role for society and could be doing so much good, helping people in prison get on track for the first time in their lives. Yet they're paid poorly, have horrible working conditions, and lack mental health care." – Parrish Collins

"I would encourage you to utilize that time to break the cycle of societal understandings and implicit bias." - Jay, on advice for those entering the prison system 💡

"You have the chance to clean your lenses, whereas everybody else is still walking around with a prescription outside of those four walls." - Jay, on the opportunity for self-reflection in prison 🔍

Take advantage of this powerful The Tragedy Academy Podcast episode. Jay Hicks and attorney Parrish shed light on the often-overlooked issue of medical negligence in prisons. Subscribe now, leave a review, and share this episode with friends to help raise awareness and spark change. Remember to always "Be cool and keep learning." 😎📚🌟

To learn more about attorney Parrish's work 💼 advocating 📢 for prisoners suffering from medical negligence, follow them on social media and visit their website to stay informed about their latest cases and initiatives. Support their important mission by sharing their story and raising awareness about this critical issue. 👩‍⚖️

Thank you for tuning in to this eye-opening episode of The Tragedy Academy Podcast.🎧 We hope you'll join us next week for another powerful conversation as we explore the human experience through the lens of tragedy and triumph. And remember, "Be cool

and keep learning." 🌟🙌

Guest Bio:

Parrish Collins is a civil rights attorney based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. After taking what he envisioned being a few prison medical neglect cases, he realized he had opened Pandora's box to a shocking volume of medical atrocities in New Mexico jails and prisons. Parrish discovered a handful of massive, sometimes billion-dollar corporations revolving in and out of New Mexico prisons and jails with no oversight by the State or the counties that contract with them. Worse, it is the same small group of contractors revolving through many states and counties around the country with the same catastrophic outcomes. It is hard for Parrish and his staff to turn away sick and potentially dying inmates unable to more than send demands for necessary medical care with Notices of Claims to protect their rights to sue later should the worst occur, the worse of which far too often does occur. Shockingly, medical neglect and abuse are so pervasive that the small firm has been forced to limit its cases to wrongful death cases for the time being due to limited resources. Attorney Parrish is dedicated to advocating for incarcerated prisoners who suffer from medical negligence. By highlighting these individuals' challenges and fighting for their rights, Parrish aims to bring about meaningful change within the prison system and improve the lives of those affected by its shortcomings.

Links to Parrish Collins and his work:

Collins Attorneys


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Show and hosts information:

The Tragedy Academy Podcast is a show that explores the human experience through the lens of tragedy and triumph. We aim to help listeners grow and thrive by sharing stories of real people who have experienced adversity and success.

Hosted by Jay Hicks, a veteran, music producer, and multimedia artist, along with co-host Gary DeFranco, an Emmy-nominated executive producer with 20 years of experience producing non-scripted television, The Tragedy Academy Podcast provides a unique perspective on life's challenges and how to overcome them.

Our guests come from all walks of life and share their stories of struggle and triumph. We believe that our past does not define our future and that living authentically and purposefully is the key to a fulfilling life.

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Jay Hicks

Host / Owner

Florida native Jay Hicks is a veteran, music producer, podcaster, graphic designer, and the owner and creative mind behind The Tragedy Academy Podcast. Jay has held many careers, from digging septic drain fields to being a Financial Services Solution Architect Manager for one of the nation's largest consulting firms. Jay has experience producing and engineering podcasts, voice-overs, promotional videos, and advertisements.

Why Jay started the show?

I lived most of my life imprisoned in my mind, a slave to past experiences, choices, and anxiety over the future. Seemingly random memories and worries trapped me: Will I be successful? Am

Am I successful enough? Does she love me? Will people admire me? Do people hate me? Am I the way that I am because someone made me this way? Someone told me I'm no good. Does that mean it is true? I experienced shame over past bad decisions or was overly prideful with no need. The list of mental agonies is endless.

Looking at this box created around my life, I can see that I had succumbed to an onslaught of past and present thoughts. I had forgotten entirely about NOW. I wasn't grateful for today, the moment, family, friends, or existence itself. I will not break down my construct and inner

demons, but I want to give some insight and share my thoughts on what I believe is missing from humankind today.

I never learned how to be thankful and present now. I was taught to focus on the perceived problems from my past experiences or my need to prove something to imaginary adversaries. For myself, it has been a journey to this point - not good, not bad, experiences as they all define who I am today. Without them, I would not see this need to be grateful in my own life. This realization is what drives my work, my creativity, and my mission.

Gary DeFranco


Cleveland native Gary DeFranco is the Emmy-nominated Executive Producer of UFC's The Ultimate Fighter and Discovery Channel's Street Outlaws and has produced over 500 television episodes for major networks (ESPN, Fox, Discovery Channel, Playboy TV, Spike

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Breaking Down the Walls: A Candid Conversation About the Prison System and Medical Negligence

Breaking Down the Walls: A Candid Conversation About the Prison System and Medical Negligence

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