DiscoverThe Trial Of Alex MurdaughBreakthrough in Stephen Smith's Unsolved Death Case Linked to Murdaugh Murders
Breakthrough in Stephen Smith's Unsolved Death Case Linked to Murdaugh Murders

Breakthrough in Stephen Smith's Unsolved Death Case Linked to Murdaugh Murders

Update: 2023-11-27


In a stunning turn of events, the unsolved death case of Stephen Smith, dating back to July 2015, has seen significant progress, thanks to a connection with the recent Murdaugh murders. Sandy Smith, Stephen's mother, has been relentless in her pursuit of justice for her son, and recent developments have shed new light on the long-standing mystery.


 Smith's determination paid off when renowned lawyers Eric Bland and Ronnie Richter stepped in to represent her pro bono, shortly after they began representing victims of Alex Murdaugh's alleged financial scams. The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) had initially classified Stephen Smith's death as a hit-and-run, a conclusion disputed by both Smith and investigators. However, with Bland and Richter's involvement, SLED acknowledged the need to treat Stephen Smith's case as a homicide.


 The pivotal moment came when SLED opened an investigation into the Murdaugh murders, specifically Paul and Maggie Murdaugh. This development reignited interest in Stephen Smith's case, suggesting a potential connection between the two cases. Sandy Smith did not hesitate to express her sentiments, saying, "Somebody else had to die" to bring attention to her son's case.


 Alex Murdaugh's recent conviction for the double murders of his wife and son further intertwined the two cases. Bland and Richter extended their pro bono representation to Sandy Smith, recognizing her relentless pursuit of justice. "This is a woman that has fought this battle alone since 2015 … screaming as loud as she could … with not a lot of people listening," said Bland.


 Rumors of Murdaugh involvement in Stephen Smith's death had circulated since the early days of the investigation. Some claimed that a Murdaugh child had been in a vehicle with others and was alleged to have been involved in Stephen Smith's death. Buster Murdaugh, Alex Murdaugh's oldest son, publicly denied these rumors, calling them "baseless" and offering an alibi that he was at their beach house with his mother and brother at the time of Stephen Smith's death.


 However, SLED's findings have kept the cases connected, prompting further speculation about the evidence uncovered during the Murdaugh murder investigation. Cellphone evidence played a crucial role in Alex Murdaugh's trial, and it's possible that Stephen Smith's phone or tablet, found in his front pocket, may hold critical clues. Sandy Smith had previously requested the FBI's assistance in cracking Stephen's phone in 2016, but the case did not progress.


 Sandy Smith's attorneys have confirmed that SLED now possesses all the evidence related to Stephen Smith's case, including his phone and tablet. An investigative grand jury is actively pursuing potential suspects. Sandy Smith remains determined to find answers and justice, announcing a scholarship fund in Stephen's name and offering a $30,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction.


 Recent developments in Stephen Smith's case have brought a renewed sense of hope to his mother and the investigators involved. An independent investigation led by Dr. Kenny Kinsey and Dr. Michelle DuPre uncovered startling findings, ruling out the initial hit-and-run theory. Instead, they theorized that Stephen had died from a single fatal blow to the head, which occurred on the road where his body was found.


 According to Dr. DuPre, "The injuries can tell us so much about what happened," and in this case, they provided valuable insights. Dr. Kinsey added that "Whatever hit him was fast and it was large."


 The discoveries made during this investigation have provided a degree of scientific certainty about what transpired on the night of Stephen Smith's death, marking a significant breakthrough in a case that had remained unresolved for years.


 As the investigation continues, Sandy Smith remains committed to finding justice for her son, with the hope that the new developments will finally provide the answers she has sought for nearly a decade.

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Breakthrough in Stephen Smith's Unsolved Death Case Linked to Murdaugh Murders

Breakthrough in Stephen Smith's Unsolved Death Case Linked to Murdaugh Murders

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