DiscoverUnlocked with Savannah ChrisleyBurn It To The Ground ft. Lindsay Ell
Burn It To The Ground ft. Lindsay Ell

Burn It To The Ground ft. Lindsay Ell

Update: 2023-06-131


In this powerful episode of Unlocked titled "Burn It To The Ground," host Savannah Chrisley sits down with the incredibly talented musician, Lindsay Ell. Together, they dive deep into their personal journeys of overcoming trauma and confronting challenges to forge their own path through life.

As Savannah and Lindsay share their vulnerabilities, they shed light on the strength it takes to confront past traumas and the transformative effects of embracing personal growth. Their stories serve as a beacon of hope, empowering listeners to rise above their circumstances, talk about the hard stuff, and build the life they truly desire.

Real conversations take center stage... ones of self-discovery, resilience, and determination. From overcoming adversity to embracing personal authenticity, this episode will leave you feeling inspired, uplifted, and ready to seize control of your own narrative.

Join Savannah Chrisley and Lindsay Ell in this transformative episode of "Unlocked" and be part of a conversation that encourages you to burn down the barriers that hold you back and embrace the life you've always dreamed of.

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Burn It To The Ground ft. Lindsay Ell

Burn It To The Ground ft. Lindsay Ell