DiscoverTwo Girls One GhostCampfire Stories x57
Campfire Stories x57

Campfire Stories x57

Update: 2023-01-041


Trust your pets, people!!! In this episode we get a puppy who sees ghosts, a child who is sensitive to spirits (trust your kids too!), a vintage photo that haunts a family, a Grindr date horror story, a spirit turns wine turns into water, a tragic murder, and even more spooks. Pull up with your s'mores and a blanket. This is a good one! 

As Spotify Live has shut down, we are hoping to find a new home for Campfire Stories. We appreciate your patience as we search for the right way to continue sharing these stories!

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Original music by Arms Akimbo!

Disclaimer: the use of white sage and smudging is a closed practice. If you’re looking to cleanse your space, here are some great alternatives
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Campfire Stories x57

Campfire Stories x57

Two Girls One Ghost