DiscoverCasefile True CrimeCase 144: The Muswell Hill Murderer (Part 3)
Case 144: The Muswell Hill Murderer (Part 3)

Case 144: The Muswell Hill Murderer (Part 3)

Update: 2020-05-2375


[Part 3 of 3]

With Dennis Nilsen committed to stand trial for the murders of six men and the attempted murder of two others, the public and press questioned how he could have gotten away with the crimes for so long…

Episode narrated by the Anonymous Host
Episode researched by Holly Boyd
Episode written by Elsha McGill 
Creative Director: Milly Raso

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Comments (5)

Samp 75

Unbelievable parallels to Dahmer. Even the part where a would be murder victim wasn't believed by the police!

Jul 7th

Katie the Book and Yarn Dragon

A strong conclusion to an interesting series

May 27th

Megan Langreck

I am shocked that strong activists in the LGBT movement (or at the time gay rights movement) were so fixated on Nielsen and wanted his perspective on "the effects of isolation" on gay men??? That is disgusting. Nielsen was the worst of the worst. Posing as an activist himself only served to camouflage him in "good guy" cred. He PREYED ON mostly isolated and marginalized men. Whoever wanted to approach him for his "perspective" was just sadistically fascinated by a serial killer. If they genuinely wanted "perspective" on isolation and its effects on gay men they could talk to many homeless men out there. They could have talked to some of Nielsen's surviving victims. Seeking out Nielsen's "perspective" legitimized what he was. and creates more stigma. For the marginalized and isolated and for the LGBT community.

May 26th

Judi Kingsman

wow‼️Hell‼️what a bloody story ‼️ well done Casey. I hope you're ok after this gruesome epic 💥⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

May 24th

Luke Chidgey

Fucking mental dude. What a series.

May 23rd
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Case 144: The Muswell Hill Murderer (Part 3)

Case 144: The Muswell Hill Murderer (Part 3)

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