DiscoverAndrew Schulz's Flagrant with Akaash SinghCasey Neistat: “Today's YouTube makes me sad”
Casey Neistat: “Today's YouTube makes me sad”

Casey Neistat: “Today's YouTube makes me sad”

Update: 2023-04-253


yerrr, today we had on YouTube & NYC's own: Casey Neistat - we talked the state of YouTube, his wild upbringing, his lack of fear of risk, surviving 9/11, being a dad, his never ending hustle and much much more. INDULGE

00:00 Daily Flagrant vlog
00:46 Casey crashes every car he’s had
05:56 Bitterness isn’t interesting + 2003 Apple video
12:10 Having a daily record of my life
13:35 Becoming a caricature + wife keeps Casey honest
19:46 Staying away from sensationalism
21:23 Casey’s next video “YouTube makes me sad”
24:03 100m views before monetisation - BIG MISTAKE
25:26 Casey is addicted to Prime energy
26:41 Influencer monetisation + doing merch right
28:32 Beme - inspiration & hoodwinking CNN
33:55 Rejected from the CNN PJ + enjoying his riches
41:09 Nothingness+ TOUGH upbringing + Trapping
46:04 Mum gave Casey ultimatum + leaving home
47:57 Rizzing & impregnating at 15
54:20 Becoming a parent + Van adopting Casey
59:21 Moving to New York = from trailer park to tiny studio
01:05:45 Getting the first break + babysitting cats
01:08:51 September 11th, 2001
01:21:20 Oscars + being a sheep isn’t safe
01:26:49 Raising rebellious children that follow the rules
01:29:32 Don’t disparage children
01:35:49 Tasting success - Bill Clinton
01:41:05 “Science Experiments” - might be the first NFT
01:44:02 Not asking for permission- making ads
01:46:11 Failures too
01:47:08 Vlogging - cable access, HBO, Gonzo journalism
01:53:33 Working with Van Neistat and their challenging times
01:55:28 Representing New York + LA feels hollow
01:57:21 Feeling like a Judas + being in love with NY
02:00:30 The King of New York
02:01:35 Misunderstanding New Yorkers
02:04:42 New York is the best it’s has ever been
02:06:29 Chinatown is ungentrifiable and we LOVE it
02:07:46 Half-way houses f-ing up the neighbourhood
02:09:45 Casey will never leave NY + no regrets moving to LA
02:11:32 The importance of story - communicating universality
02:21:58 Doing NY better + finding balance
02:28:00 The story of the sunglasses
02:30:11 Most people are awesome + fame helps
02:34:01 Seldomly saying no to a selfie
02:41:58 Daughter watching Casey’s vlogs
02:44:06 ASMR Camping + girls go camping is educational
02:49:48 Candice is BLESSED + new income avenue?

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Casey Neistat: “Today's YouTube makes me sad”

Casey Neistat: “Today's YouTube makes me sad”

Andrew Schulz's Flagrant with Akaash Singh