DiscoverScheananigans with Scheana ShayChicks In My Office w/ the “Chicks In The Office”
Chicks In My Office w/ the “Chicks In The Office”

Chicks In My Office w/ the “Chicks In The Office”

Update: 2023-06-23


This week, Scheana is joined in the studio by guests Ria & Fran from the popular Barstool podcast “Chicks In The Office,” and a they’ve got a lot to catch up on! The last time they were all together was hours before the Scandoval affair came to light, when Scheana & Rachel appeared on the Chicks’ podcast together in NYC. What did the Chicks notice during that interview that seemed off? Why did they get backlash from their episode with Scheana & Rachel? And did Scandoval tarnish their lightning bolt branding?


Plus, which Lisa do the Chicks think should return to RHOBH? Are they team Melissa or Teresa? Why aren’t they enjoying this season of the Kardashians? And how do they fare when they are put in the hot seat for a game of trivia? Plus, how did the Chicks end up at the Abbey with Scheana’s mom? Tune in to find out! 



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Chicks In My Office w/ the “Chicks In The Office”

Chicks In My Office w/ the “Chicks In The Office”