DiscoverRabia and Ellyn Solve the CaseChris Watts Case with Gaten Matarazzo
Chris Watts Case with Gaten Matarazzo

Chris Watts Case with Gaten Matarazzo

Update: 2022-10-204


When we told “Stranger Things,” actor Gaten Matarazzo about our podcast, he said “well I would really want to cover Chris Watts, but that was solved because he confessed.” While the adorable tv star was right, the case didn’t even go to trial, and before anyone could say anything, he was already serving five consecutive life sentences . 

However, there are aspects of the case that aren’t solved once we take a deep dive. Join us as we try to solve whether or not Nicole Kessinger KNEW about Chris Watts plans to murder his entire family or had anything to do with the plot he carried out. 

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Here's the thing that bothers me. Conjecture and speculation seems to be fine in assuming the guilt of Chris' mistress, but when the same things are done in the case of Scott Peterson, it's a wrongful conviction?

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Chris Watts Case with Gaten Matarazzo

Chris Watts Case with Gaten Matarazzo