Common Themes in Anxious Fears | Ep 291

Common Themes in Anxious Fears | Ep 291

Update: 2024-05-082


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Among people that struggle with chronic or disordered forms of anxiety, there are a wide range of individual primary fears or concerns. When you ask a large enough number of our friends what they are afraid of, you’re going to get a pretty wide range of answers primarily because everyone experiences fear, worry, concern, and anxiety in a slightly different way. 

But hidden within this apparently wide range of specific and individual fears are some common thread and themes.

This week on The Anxious Truth we're exploring four common themes found when a few hundred anxious people expressed the fears and worry they're struggling with right now.

  • Fear of Immediate Physical/Medical Threat
  • Fear of Immediate Psychological/Mental Threat
  • Fear of Being Overwhelmed or Unable to Adequately Cope
  • Obsessive Fixation on Specific Feared Outcomes

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Common Themes in Anxious Fears | Ep 291

Common Themes in Anxious Fears | Ep 291

Drew Linsalata