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Constance Wu is Making a Scene

Constance Wu is Making a Scene

Update: 2022-10-11


Constance Wu knows how to make a scene and that scene is heartfelt and honestly downright human. She addresses Hollywood things, life things and bread making and it comes together as one lovely ass book. 

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Comments (2)

Beatriz Gill

I'd tell the coworker from the show to go eff herself. The co-workers were the selfish ones Not wanting to be on a show where you were stressed out and miserable is normal. it was obvious that they didn't care about how miserable she was, so why should she care about whether or not they are employed or not? They only got another season because of her rising star. I completely would have moved on without giving it a second thought.

Nov 22nd

Beatriz Gill

Having an accent in another language means you speak TWO LANGUAGES, which is one language more than most other Americans. 🤷‍♀️ I honestly think people point it out due to jealousy.

Nov 22nd








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Constance Wu is Making a Scene

Constance Wu is Making a Scene

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