DiscoverHigh BrowCourtcore: from medieval crossdressing to Goop!
Courtcore: from medieval crossdressing to Goop!

Courtcore: from medieval crossdressing to Goop!

Update: 2023-05-10


In this director's cut episode, Mina taps into celeb "courtcore" aka the way that celebrities dress when appearing in the judicial court. In this special episode, she also dives further into history, starting with Joan of Arc and ending with contemporary films and the way characters are costumed for trial (e.g. Legally Blonde).

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Clothing | Joan of Arc |

Primary Sources and Context Concerning Joan of Arc's Male Clothing

Joan of Arc: A Life Transfigured by Kathryn Harrison

Mary Queen of Scots by Antonia Fraser

The Misgendering of Joan of Arc

Mary, Queen of Scots, Became an Iconic Figure for Many Catholics Over the Centuries, Scholar Says

Fatty Arbuckle and the Birth of the Celebrity Scandal | The New Yorker

“Fatty’s Wife’s Smiles Lighten Grim Tragedy,” The Washington Times (1921)

“Women Throng First Hearing of Arbuckle Case,” The New York Tribune (1921)

What America will remember from Gwyneth Paltrow's ski crash trial - The Washington Post

Courtroom Style: Gwyneth Paltrow, Winona Ryder, Lindsay Lohan and more’s iconic outfits while on trial

The most iconic celebrity courtroom outfits

The Verdict on Winona's Clothes - The Washington Post

Why Did She Do It? - TIME

Naomi Campbell Shows the World How to Dress for Court

Lindsay Lohan wears fancy pants to court. Who decides her attire? |

In Court, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Dress to Suggest - The New York Times

Experts Decode Amber Heard's Suited Courtroom Looks

Amber Heard accused of COPYING Johnny Depp's courtroom outfits: see similarities between ensembles | Daily Mail Online

free" Winona

From Faux Pas to Fashion Statement - Los Angeles Times

Lindsay Lohan's 'F-You' a Joke, Says Lawyer...Then Quits | LAist

Did Lindsay Lohan Write 'F*** U' on Her Fingernail for Her Probation Hearing?

Cardi B Is Guilty... of the Best-Ever Celebrity Court Fashion

Megan Thee Stallion sent a powerful message with the purple suit she wore to testify against Tory Lanez -- who's found guilty of shooting her, more courtroom fashion over the years | Gallery |

How Should Gwyneth Paltrow Dress for Court?

Our celebrity trial obsession sets a dangerous precedent

American Trial Films and the Popular Culture of Law

Case Study 4: Chicago (2002) – The Femme Fatale and the Distortion of Female Criminality

Legally Blonde Fashion: Costume Designer Sophie de Rakoff on Elle's 'Signature Color' |

Legally Blonde, Legally Fashionable: The Evolution of Elle Woods - The Art of Costume

My Favourite Outfits In Legally Blonde – The Vault Publication

Written by Mina Le, Ella Gray, and Sophie Carter

Edited by Sophie Carter

Music by Olivia Martinez

Cover by Lindsay Mintz 








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Courtcore: from medieval crossdressing to Goop!

Courtcore: from medieval crossdressing to Goop!

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