DiscoverTravis Makes Friends866: Dan Martell | Buy Back Your Time
866: Dan Martell | Buy Back Your Time

866: Dan Martell | Buy Back Your Time

Update: 2023-07-311


Dan Martell (@danmartell) is a successful serial entrepreneur, author, and business coach who struggled early in life before finding his path. After a troubled childhood, Dan tried and failed multiple times in his early twenties to launch technology companies. It was at age 24 that Dan found success, building his first company, Spheric Technologies. However, despite rapid growth, Dan struggled as a solo founder to scale Spheric effectively. Through perseverance and learning from mentors, Dan could turn things around, sell Spheric profitably, and build and sell two more companies.

Having learned the hard way, Dan made it his mission to shortcut the path for other entrepreneurs. He began coaching and created SaaS Academy to help SaaS founders rapidly grow their companies by avoiding common pitfalls. Dan's journey from troubled teen to successful serial entrepreneur allows him to relate to the struggles of other founders. He combines real-world experience with expert coaching to help entrepreneurs scale smarter. 

Dan is also the author of the best-selling book Buy Back Your Time. ​In this book, Dan teaches critical strategies to install systems and develop mindsets that allow entrepreneurs to engage in high-value work and succeed in business while enjoying more freedom than they ever imagined.

What Dan and Travis discussed:

  • How to not grow your business painfully: Dan explains that entrepreneurs avoid pain, so trying to scale your business by doubling your workload will not be sustainable in the long-term. Instead, hire people strategically to buy back your time so you can focus on higher-level strategic work.

  • The importance of documenting processes and training your team: Dan emphasizes creating SOPs, checklists, and training so you can get consistent results from your team. This provides leverage through codifying your knowledge and systems.

  • Why you should surround yourself with people already doing what you want to do: Surrounding yourself with others ahead of you provides leverage through collaboration.

  • How Dan creates an environment and lifestyle for his family's long-term fulfillment: Dan makes choices thinking of the positive impact on his loved ones over decades, not just short-term gains.

  • The importance of becoming an emotional coach for your kids: Dan focuses on developing his kids' self-confidence and resilience. He doesn't solve all their problems or do everything for them, allowing them to learn life skills.

  • The standard issue of consistency without results: Dan observes that just showing up and putting in time without meaningful output won't lead to success. It's essential to evaluate if you're making real progress periodically.

  • Knowing yourself is vital before relationships: Dan emphasizes that you need self-awareness to have healthy relationships. Understand your flaws, triggers, and shadows to improve your interactions with others.

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Special Offer for Travis Makes Friends Listeners:

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866: Dan Martell | Buy Back Your Time

866: Dan Martell | Buy Back Your Time

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