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DAN NOVAES | The Phone That Pays You

DAN NOVAES | The Phone That Pays You

Update: 2023-06-05


Dan Novaes ( is the CEO of Mode Mobile - whose vision is to sustainably offer a free smartphone & data plan to every person on the planet. Their "Earn As You Go" software enables millions of budget-conscious consumers to earn additional passive income through daily habits. They are also the creators of Mode Earn Phone (, the first-ever smartphone that pays you.

What Travis and Dan discussed:

  • How Dan started a company that capitalized on budget-conscious users' habits by creating an "earning operating system," offering rewards for activities on their smartphones, which evolved into a hardware-software integration model aiming to incentivize user activities through revenue-sharing agreements with advertisers.

  • Dan, an entrepreneur with a history of entrepreneurial spirit and business savvy from a young age, built successful ventures by identifying and leveraging arbitrage opportunities, initially with Playboy magazines and Pokémon cards, later with Polo Ralph Lauren jackets, and eventually in the electronics market, exploiting the price difference between U.S. and Brazilian markets.

  • The importance of adaptability and learning from experiences in entrepreneurial endeavors; Dan asserts that while having a vision is crucial, it's equally significant to make adjustments along the way, hire for areas of weakness, and maintain a balance between heads-down work and outward-facing activities.

  • Why networking activities, including attending conferences or masterminds, can open up unforeseen opportunities and lead to a significant return on investment, though it requires intentional effort and can be difficult to balance with focused work time.

  • Living to 120 years, crowdfunding, and much more!

Join us for an eye-opening discussion with Dan Novaes, the innovative CEO of Current Mobile, in our latest podcast episode. Listen as Dan shares his entrepreneurial journey from trading Pokémon cards to building a revolutionary tech company that's changing the way we use smartphones. Discover the importance of adaptability in entrepreneurship, how to strike a balance between focused work and networking, and even explore the concept of living to 120 years! Are you ready to gain insights that can reshape your entrepreneurial mindset? 

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DAN NOVAES | The Phone That Pays You

DAN NOVAES | The Phone That Pays You

Travis Chappell