DiscoverPop PantheonDOJA CAT (with Rolling Stone's Larisha Paul)
DOJA CAT (with Rolling Stone's Larisha Paul)

DOJA CAT (with Rolling Stone's Larisha Paul)

Update: 2023-09-28


Rolling Stone’s Larisha Paul joins Pop Pantheon to dissect the career of one of the most enigmatic, eccentric talents working in pop today: Doja Cat.

As Doja releases her fourth studio album, Scarlet, Larisha and Louie dig into her origin story, connection to controversial super-producer Dr. Luke, rise on Soundcloud and the laid-back stoner R&B of her 2014 debut EP Purrr!. They then tackle Doja's first full-length LP, 2018’s Amala, the strange breakout success of the novelty track and video, the meme-sensation “"Mooo!", 2019’s sonically eclectic Hot Pink and the single that turned Doja into an A-Lister, “Say So.” Finally, they discuss Doja’s 2021 juggernaut third album Planet Her, the various controversies that have helped define her prickly public persona and how she's responded to them, where Doja is at in her pop stardom as she releases Scarlet and rank Doja Cat in the official Pop Pantheon. 

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DOJA CAT (with Rolling Stone's Larisha Paul)

DOJA CAT (with Rolling Stone's Larisha Paul)

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