DiscoverDear GabbyDear Gabby, When Is It Time to End a Relationship?
Dear Gabby, When Is It Time to End a Relationship?

Dear Gabby, When Is It Time to End a Relationship?

Update: 2022-09-262


Have you ever been tempted to “silently quit” a relationship … or has somebody silently quit on YOU? While it may seem easiest to end a relationship by slowly backing away from someone instead of confronting conflict head-on, this approach creates a whole lot of chaos. On today’s Dear Gabby, I’ll offer a spiritual perspective on how to handle the end of a relationship. If you’re suffering from heartbreak, sensing a change in your relationship, or are uncertain about how to deepen your connections, this episode will serve you greatly.


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Dear Gabby, When Is It Time to End a Relationship?

Dear Gabby, When Is It Time to End a Relationship?