DiscoverThe Tragedy AcademyDetention Episode: Tyler Council of “The Reel Idiots”
Detention Episode: Tyler Council of “The Reel Idiots”

Detention Episode: Tyler Council of “The Reel Idiots”

Update: 2023-08-07


In this episode of The Tragedy Academy Podcast, we sit down with Gary’s friend, Emmy-nominated creator Tyler Council, the comedic genius behind "The Reel Idiots" sketch comedy collective. Dive deep into a conversation filled with laughter, insights, and the untold stories behind Tyler's award-winning sketches. From teenage endeavors to Emmy nominations, explore Tyler's unique journey of perseverance in the world of comedy. 🎙️✨

Join Jay and Tyler as they embark on a roller-coaster ride of emotions, drawing from Tyler's vast experiences ranging from his teenage comedy stints to working on the Discovery Channel's hit show “Street Outlaws.” 🚗💨 The dynamic between Jay, with his knack for unveiling personal tales of tragedy and triumph, and Tyler, with his infectious humor and undeniable passion for storytelling, creates a podcast episode that's nothing short of electric. ⚡🎤

Listeners are in for a treat as they venture into the wacky world of “The Reel Idiots” and get a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into producing award-winning comedy sketches. The episode is also sprinkled with hilarious anecdotes, like Tyler’s take on mascots and shoutouts. Not to mention a special shoutout to "Now That's Sketchy" and the up-and-coming Reddit community for sketch enthusiasts. 🤣🎭 If you're a fan of authentic conversations, bursts of laughter, and stories that inspire, this episode is a must-listen! Dive in and find out what makes Tyler Council, the real idiot behind the lens, tick! 🎥🎉

Key Takeaways: 

🎭"Comedy, Craft, '90s" The conversation revolves around humor, sketch comedy, and the details that go into creating comedic content. Tyler highlights the importance of paying attention to details to make absurd content even more laughable, such as their "Slaw Soakers" sketch, which is a spoof on water guns that shoot coleslaw. They also touch upon the nuances of '90s culture, like hyper color clothing and how it responded to body temperature.

🎙“Witty Banter”

The conversation is an eclectic mix of humor, personal experiences, and candid commentary on pop culture. The participants easily bounce from one topic to the next, reflecting the laid-back and spontaneous nature of their discussion. Their ability to relate to seemingly unrelated subjects showcases their wit and shared history.

🛹“Cultural Reflections” The group dives into everything from their experiences with marijuana and alcohol to nostalgic moments related to music and skateboarding.

 🔄“Digital Nostalgia Evolution” The transition from analog to digital has created a generational tech divide and fostered nostalgia for mediums like vinyl records. As content creators venture into platforms like YouTube, organic growth can be immensely validating, and exploring unconventional ideas, such as shows with fictional commercials, introduces fresh and engaging content for audiences.

🚽“Bathroom Epiphanies” Tyler shares a harrowing experience that led him to discover bidets, emphasizing their convenience and superiority over traditional toilet paper. Gary shares an amusing anecdote about experiencing a high-tech Japanese toilet. The trio discusses childhood memories and their preferences for cars, with some light-hearted banter. 

🤪“Creative Influences Abound” Gary shares an amusing encounter with a police officer, revealing how he got his "cops, dogs, ice cream trucks" philosophy. The trio discusses their creative inspirations, including Tim and Eric, which validated their unique humor and encouraged them to pursue their own comedic style. From hilarious fake commercials to movies about cheeseburger pranks, the group embraces their unconventional ideas and humor, paving their own successful path. 

 🎭 "Sketchy Dreams and Real Idiots" Tyler discusses his plans for "Now That's Sketchy," a platform for sketch comedy and weird content, encouraging people to be creative and have fun without excessive rules and restrictions. 🎭🤪🎉

The hosts, Jay and Gary, express their enthusiasm for supporting and participating in sketch comedy projects, sharing funny anecdotes from their own experiences. 🎭🎉🤩

With a lighthearted and humorous atmosphere, the conversation wraps up with genuine appreciation and laughter. 🤣👋💕


"The devil's in the details. And when you're doing just straight absurdity, if you go over the top with nailing the details and the vibe and the feel and the look, I think it makes it funnier..." - Tyler

🎶 "The crackle is a fucking time machine, yeah, like you. Where else, even when they digitally like put it in a beat or whatever and you hear that record crackle on there, You're like, okay, this is gonna be fire." - Gary

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📢 Hold on tight because you don't want to miss this! Dive deeper into the comedic world of Tyler and The Real Idiots! They're breaking all the rules and redefining sketch comedy with their hilarious and creative content.

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Detention Episode: Tyler Council of “The Reel Idiots”

Detention Episode: Tyler Council of “The Reel Idiots”

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