DiscoverPlaymakers: On PurposeDiscovering Your Why and What Comes Next (ft. Dr. Gary Sanchez, Founder & CEO, WHY Institute)
Discovering Your Why and What Comes Next (ft. Dr. Gary Sanchez, Founder & CEO, WHY Institute)

Discovering Your Why and What Comes Next (ft. Dr. Gary Sanchez, Founder & CEO, WHY Institute)

Update: 2022-02-231


Discovering Your Why and What Comes Next (ft. Dr. Gary Sanchez)

Helping people discover their ‘why’— and take the right next step— is what this week’s guest is all about


“When what you do is in line with why you do what you do, you will have passion for what you do. And passion is the fuel that gives you the energy to pursue your dreams. Without passion, you have nothing.”

—Dr. Gary Sanchez


Dr. Gary Sanchez is the founder and CEO of the WHY Institute. After working closely with Start with Why author Simon Sinek, Gary was inspired to impact more lives by making the purpose discovery process scalable and available to everyone. Today, the WHY Institute has helped over 40,000 people get clear, stand out, and play bigger.

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[8:29 ] - The Power of Why

How a shift in messaging transformed Gary’s business

In his years leading a dental practice, Gary long focused on the ‘what’ for his patients— what procedures he offered, what outcomes he provided. Then, he switched to ‘why’— why living a happy life is difficult without healthy teeth, and why having healthy teeth would transform people’s lives for the better. Immediately, his practice was transformed and other dentists were seeking him out for advice.

[13:55 ] - Why vs. Purpose

The leaders in each discuss the key differences

‘Your why is your being, your purpose is your action.’ This is how Dr. Gary sees the distinction between the two, and it’s a meaningful difference. Your why is what’s in you, whether it’s natural talent or developed skills. Your purpose is how you want to use that ability— your why put into action.

[20:42 ] - ‘Why’ Makes Life Harder— and That’s a Good Thing

Discovering and following your ‘why’ complicates life in the best possible way

Discovering your ‘why’ isn’t a prescription for making life easier— in fact, at least at first, it makes life more difficult. You’ll be pushed out of your comfort zone, but the result is that you’ll begin to fully enjoy each day and have passion for what you do. You’ll be fired up to face the challenges of each day, knowing that they’re moving you closer to fulfilling your purpose.

[28:30 ] - When the Question is How, the Answer is Why

Gary’s simple equation that applies to life and business

“When the question is how, the answer is why.” That simple mantra has profound implications. Whatever your ‘how’ question— How do I find my passion? How do I know what direction to go? How do I build a culture? How do I talk about my business— it can always be answered by discovering your ‘why.’ 

[44:22 ] - Empower People to Live their Strength

Pick people based on their ‘why,’ then let them follow it

Gary is a huge believer in hiring talented people, removing the noise from their roles, and allowing them to focus on what they do best— and ensuring that he can focus on what he does best. When everyone on your team gets to live their strength and live their why, imagine how powerful, fast, agile, and excited your company culture will become.


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The WHY Institute

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In Detroit, history was made when Barry Gordy opened Motown Records back in 1960. More than just discovering great talent, Gordy built a systematic approach to launching superstars. His rigorous processes, technology, and development methods were the secret sauce behind legendary acts such as The Supremes, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Diana Ross and Michael Jackson.

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Paul Epstein may not be a hard charging running back on the actual football field, but his list of high-profile wins in the world of sports will have you thinking that he could be.

Paul has spent nearly 15 years as a pro sports executive for multiple NFL and NBA teams, a global sports agency, and the NFL league office. He’s transformed numerous NBA teams from the absolute bottom in league revenue to top-two in financial performance. He’s broken every premium revenue metric in Super Bowl history as the NFL’s sales leader. He opened a billion-dollar stadium, helped save the New Orleans NBA franchise, and founded the San Francisco 49ers Talent Academy.

He's since installed his leadership and high-performance playbook with Fortune 500 leaders, Founders and CEOs, MBAs, and professional athletes.

Now, as a global keynote speaker, #1 bestselling author, personal transformation expert, turned senior leader and advisor to PurposePoint and the Why Institute, and host of the Playmakers: On Purpose podcast, Paul explores how living and working with a focus on leadership, culture, and purpose can transform organizations and individuals anywhere to unleash their full potential.

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Discovering Your Why and What Comes Next (ft. Dr. Gary Sanchez, Founder & CEO, WHY Institute)

Discovering Your Why and What Comes Next (ft. Dr. Gary Sanchez, Founder & CEO, WHY Institute)

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