DiscoverDrew and Mike ShowDrew And Mike – June 5, 2023
Drew And Mike – June 5, 2023

Drew And Mike – June 5, 2023

Update: 2023-06-06


Failing NY Times isn't worried about Joe Biden's age, Taylor Swift & Matty Healy will never ever get back together, HBO's The Idol is hilariously bad, Phil Spector v. Martin Scorsese, more Gone Too Soons, and the Best Songs with Cowbell.

Trudi has a case of the Mondays. We get WLLZ leftovers.

Reminder that former Fox 2 reporter Erika Erickson will join us tomorrow.

Mr. Swift must have relayed our message to Taylor as she has dumped The 1975's Matty Healy. Drew called it.

Drew is receiving support in his appraisal of Sydney Sweeney's face. There is speculation that her father and grandfather "left the room" to go to the bathroom and "take care of themselves".

The Idol is out on HBO and it's outrageously bad.

The Miami Heat tied up the NBA Finals and are tied 1-1 with the Denver Nuggets.

Merch Director Campaign 2023: Is Trudi entering the Merch Director Campaign? Ryan Ermanni has endorsed Tom Mazawey. Jim Bentley continues to campaign on Twitter. Kennedy is trying to weasel into the race as well. Jim has won the initial poll.

An airplane in Washington DC pulled a Payne Stewart as jets were scrambled to intercept a Ghost Plane before it crashed. Travis Thornton was trying to jam with his wife when the sonic boom in D.C. rocked his house.

Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro owe their careers to Phil Spector (according to Phil Spector).

All we talk about is remastered songs.

Spy Robert Hanssen has died in prison.

TV: Ted Lasso is over. Here is a song from the show. FUBAR is out and should have been the sequel to True Lies. Arnold Schwarzenegger has a documentary coming out.

Politricks: The New York Times goes to bat for Joe Biden. Stephen A. Smith takes a shot at old Joe. The NYT was not so kind to Donald Trump. Mike Pence is running for president and looks super cool on his hog. Joe Biden partied down at the White House today with the Kansas City Chiefs.

William Shatner appeared on Marc Maron's podcast.

Tip: Do NOT text or play with your phone at your own wedding.

Cameron Robbins' parents have broken their silence. "Life of the party" Ronnie Peale went overboard on a cruise recently and hasn't been recovered.

The best cowbell songs of all time.

It was discovered that LaraJuicyTV has some x-rated material out there (NSFW link).

Trudi listens to Milli Vanilli... podcasts.

'Goodbye Hef' is the most annoying post in social media history.

Michael Jackson once went to the Playboy Mansion in blackface.

Megan Fox clears her Instagram except for two sexy posts tp announce her body dysmorphia.

Lizzo is still mad at the fat-haters.

Presidential candidate Tim Scott jumped on The View to battle the clucking hens.

Elizabeth Holmes has been spotted in the prison yard.

Mark Zuckerberg is pretending that he wasn't choked out during a jiu-jitsu match.

The billionaire that uses his own son as a blood boy takes really weird pics with his dad and son.

Bam Margera has been found. Jess Margera can now get off our backs.

How can Jamie Foxx play Pickleball if he's learning to walk again? Nobody has come out to refute the Jamie Foxx claims made by A.J. Benza.

166 police officers have been shot in the line of duty so far this year.

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Drew And Mike – June 5, 2023

Drew And Mike – June 5, 2023

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