DiscoverDrew and Mike ShowDrew And Mike – June 7, 2023
Drew And Mike – June 7, 2023

Drew And Mike – June 7, 2023

Update: 2023-06-08


RIP Iron Sheik GFY, Leonardo DiCaprio's best life, Miami: OnlyFans capitol of the world, Tucker on Twitter, Daddy Bieber is in trouble, 30 for 30: Bill Walton, Drew Crime, and Gen Z v. basic facts.

We open the show with a rip-off of Charlie LeDuff's show.

Tucker Carlson put out his first Twitter episode with an alleged 85M+ views. Business Insider was not impressed.

CNN's Chris Licht has been BLOWN OUT.

A 'whistleblower' says aliens are real and the US has crashed aircraft and the pilot's bodies. The Pentagon says it's a bunch of malarkey.

Trudi may have to join her brethren on the picket lines as SAG-AFTRA has authorized a strike.

A dam in Ukraine was blown up and a lot of finger pointing is going on.

Don Lemon and Tim Malone's relationship may be on the rocks because of Don's tantrums.

Local Crime: Eastpointe High School was on lock down today following gun activity in the school. A 10-year-old led police on a chase on I-75 in Buena Vista. Berkley's Office Bear tracked down a bunch of punk kids in Berkley.

Leonardo DiCaprio lives the best life. His buddies have a unique name of their group.

Smoke Shows: Jennifer Aniston has hot abs and a gray bush. Everybody look at Heather Graham.

Cancel Justin Bieber's dad. Remember when a 3-year-old cried over Beebs?

Brad Appleton thinks he's hot and may be Drew's least liked TMZ employee.

RIP Iron Sheik.

Trudi wants to cancel Father's Day.

Gen Z: They don't give a shit about gravity. They aren't great at trivia.

John Hinckley Jr. is begging the Foo Fighters and Black Keys to let him open for them.

1% of Miami residents have an OnlyFans account. That is a lot of fap material. Check out Kira Shannon's butt because that's all that's on her Instagram.

ESPN has a fantastic 30 for 30 on Bill Walton. The Luke Walton #MeToo wasn't included in the documentary.

How many Danny Thomases are there in the world?

Drew Crime: That daughter that killed her mom in Bali finally admits it and accepts a plea deal. Another shoplifter in Detroit was killed by a gas station clerk. The clerk is now facing charges. Ben Crump has a new case in Florida regarding the death of Ajike Owens. Ex-NFL player, Travis Rudolph, was found not guilty in his shooting/murder case. We randomly find a photo of George Zimmerman in court with a boner.

Elizabeth Holmes sees her family in prison and breaks protocol. Prison photos included.

Bam Margera has been released from his 5150 and Lamar Odom is here for him. Trudi can only think about his feces.

Donald Trump vs Chris Christie: Weight Battle. Dr. Gabe Mirkin has broken his silence.

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did Brad go eat at Brapplebee's??? huhuhuhuh

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Drew And Mike – June 7, 2023

Drew And Mike – June 7, 2023

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