DiscoverDrew and Mike ShowDrew And Mike – March 9, 2023
Drew And Mike – March 9, 2023

Drew And Mike – March 9, 2023

Update: 2023-03-101


* Subscribe to our YouTube page, Tiger Woods is in trouble AGAIN, Alex Murdaugh was a bad man, Colin Kaepernick was raised by racist white parents, and Mo'Nique is mad at Oprah...

* We reminisce about the good ol days...You know, when we talked to the guy who found a turd in a phone mouthpiece at a hotel.

* BranDon still isn't able to push the drops hard enough for them to play correctly. It's crazy. Get well soon, buddy. Marcus has been going above and beyond to keep him company.

* The fastest growing YouTube page EVER has pumped the brakes. Not enough people have watched the TJ Holmes/Amy Hobach video. Do it! Get it done!

* Everyone knows that Tiger Woods is known as a wholesome guy who always does the right things and treats everyone with the utmost respect. That's why it's such a surprise that his ex-girlfriend, Erica Herman is suing him for $30m. We also re-lived his heartfelt apology from 2010 for cheating on his wife.

* Thomas A Mazawey calls to talk about the traumas of shoveling snow, loving The NIT Tournament, and his St Peters shenanigans.

* More Tiger Woods news...Rachel Uchitel decides to pile on Tiger in his brief moment of weakness. It was all Tiger's fault that she signed an NDA and he ruined her life.

* More trauma...Will and Jada Smith are extremely hurt by Chris Rock's Netflix Special. But they want you to know they didn't watch it.

* The prestigious Mexican drug cartel, the Scorpions Group, accidentally killed 2 Americans. They redeemed themselves by turning over their own guys who made the mistake.

* Why are so many politicians falling? Maybe because they're old? Anyway, Mitch McConnell is the newest to bite the dust.

* Allegedly (I should say that for legal purposes), Alex Murdaugh trafficked and abused prostitutes. Some people are saying that there may be a credibility issue with the prostitute, but that's beside the point. Bottom line...The Murdaughs are/were bums.

* Colin Kaepernick loves his adoptive parents. THAT SAID, they're racist because they told him when he was a kid that his cornrows were unprofessional. How dare they!

* Everyone is being guilt-tripped to tip more anywhere and everywhere they go.

* Mo'Nique hates everyone. Everyone takes advantage of her especially DL Hughley. She hates Oprah. Who is Mo'Nique again?

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Drew And Mike – March 9, 2023

Drew And Mike – March 9, 2023

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