DiscoverDrew and Mike ShowDrew And Mike – May 1, 2023
Drew And Mike – May 1, 2023

Drew And Mike – May 1, 2023

Update: 2023-05-02


Late Night TV is dying, Texas massacre manhunt continues, Aaron Carter Hulu doc, Drew Crime: Very Scary People, 50 "Awesomely Bad Songs", YouTube reaction videos, and Antonio Brown's Albany football team's issues.

What time is it? Because Drew doesn't feel good. His hip hurts.

Texas Massacre shooter Francisco Oropesa is nowhere to be found. Turns out you just can't keep him out of the US. Greg Abbott is in trouble for calling the victims 'illegal immigrants'.

Lori Vallow's son was buried with her hair stuck to his binding duct tape.

Warren Mayor Jim Fouts has a new blood boy... and he's a hero!

James Corden is finally done at CBS...after he lost them a lot of money.

Payton Thorne & Keon Coleman are leaving MSU in the transfer portal.

Steven Crowder fans defend him on our YouTube video. Crowder has a defense.

All We Do is Lists: VH1's 50 Most Awesomely Bad Songs Ever. Black people sing these songs better than the white people that did them first.

Aaron Carter's documentary dropped on Hulu.

Hunter Biden was in court today to strip his daughter of the name Biden. Meghan McCain is angry that Joe won't recognize the bastard.

Drew is over 'Reaction' videos. We react to the reaction video of The Jayy Show.

Jess Margera is not sugarcoating Bam's condition. Billy Idol enters the fray.

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Drew Crime: Very Scary People covered the real-life version of Black Bird.

Is Coors trolling Bud Light with this bathtub commercial?

Sports: Albany Empire owner, Antonio Brown, is back to his shenanigans and ruining his AFL team. AB is ready for his NFL comeback. Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors will face LeBron James. The record-breaking Boston Bruins fell to the Florida Panthers. Someone sent us a video of Eli Zaret playing softball against a bunch of old fogeys. 10,000 emailers and Bonerliners wanted us to know that Crackman is a real super-fan. The Detroit Lions apparently had a good draft... we'll see. Georgia's Jamaal Jarrett dropped a slur during the NFL Draft.

Concerts: The Chats are coming to Grand Rapids in October. Aerosmith is coming to Detroit in September.

First Republic Bank has failed.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac want to punish you for having good credit.

Royal News: Michael Strahan is covering King Charles coronation. Nobody wants to pledge allegiance to King Charles or Prince Andrew. Ari Emanuel has signed that beast, Meghan Markle.

The Met Gala is here for people better than you to flaunt their wealth and stupid clothes.

RIP Tim Bachman.

76-year-old Cher has broken up with 27-year-old Alexander Edwards. We roll through her Who's Dated Who roster.

Gold rush in Cali.

Bigg Nate has located Bigfoot in Grand Haven, MI.

Where the hell is Eric Stoltz?

The Buzzboard will be complaining about us tomorrow when WATP's Karl joins us.

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Drew And Mike – May 1, 2023

Drew And Mike – May 1, 2023

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