DiscoverDrew and Mike ShowDrew And Mike – May 23, 2023
Drew And Mike – May 23, 2023

Drew And Mike – May 23, 2023

Update: 2023-05-24


Gordon G.G. Gebert tells us some great Ace Frehley stories, White House attacked by U-Haul, Claudia Conway turned 18 & became a Playboy Bunny, and we check in with Elon Musk gadfly Jack Sweeney who's now tracking Ron DeSantis.

What is it that we only talk about? It's YouTube, all we ever talk about is YouTube.

Some dude rented a U-Haul, grabbed a Nazi flag, and then crashed into the White House gates.

Politricks: Joe Biden thinks Beau died in Iraq. Beau did not die in Iraq. Only 32% of those polled believe Joe has the mental sharpness to be President. Again, slow down on that debt ceiling. Republicans want woke to go away. Some dude named Tim Scott wants to president.

Brian Kohbooger dater Hayley Willette has the worst vocal fry possibly ever.

Music News: Shifty Shellshock is out of teeth. Daughtry is back with a Journey cover with Lzzy Hale. Ghost has a cover of Tina Turner's We Don't Need Another Hero.

Mike Tyson says what we all know... Jaime Foxx had a stroke.

Sports: Drew labels Bronny the Biggest Nepo-Baby of 2023. The Denver Nuggets swept LeBron James and the LA Lakers to go to their first NBA Finals. LeBron James teases retirement even though we know he'll stay to play with Bronny.

Kiss & Tell author, Gordon G.G. Gebert, joins the show to tell the wild antics of Ace Frehley and the ins and outs of KISS.

Claudia Conway is a Playboy Bunny now.

Poor Jamie Lee Komoroski's life is soooo over now. Sad! She's as good a driver as General Hospital's Haley Pullos.

Eminem's daughter launches her own "clothing line" which is really podcast merch. It's all sweats.

Jack Sweeney vs Ron DeSantis. Help Jack regain his twitter following right here. Worlds collide as Ron plans to announce his candidacy for presidency on Elon Musk's Twitter.

We learn of the time "Dan" stole Drew's ex-girlfriend.

The Phoenix Mercury coach can't believe Brittney Griner's comeback game wasn't sold out.

Tom Brady owns a WNBA team... and part of the Las Vegas Raiders.

The Jordan Neely / Daniel Penny debacle continues. Jordan Neely's uncle was just arrested for pickpocketing.

Funds keep piling in for 'Nurse Karen/Citi Bike Karen' Sarah Comrie.

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Drew And Mike – May 23, 2023

Drew And Mike – May 23, 2023

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