DiscoverDrew and Mike ShowDrew And Mike – May 29, 2023
Drew And Mike – May 29, 2023

Drew And Mike – May 29, 2023

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Matt Damon's best film, Scotty Pippen thinks Michael Jordan was a "horrible player", Elizabeth Holmes finally going to prison, Ace Frehley's ex spills, Drew Crime, ChiSox Tim Anderson let an "H pop it", culture war roundup, and comments from our YouTube videos.

Reminder that you can assault the Champion's Club buffet and all you have to do is be subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Drew and Marc loved the movie "Air" about Nike courting Michael Jordan. It's available now on Amazon Prime.

Will Ferrell is set to play John Madden in a biopic.

We draw another Legacy Partners winner. A big congrats to ________________!!!

Sports: Scottie Pippen says Michael Jordan was a "horrible player". Some people are saying he's a little salty because Michael's son is nailing his ex Larsa Pippin. Tim Anderson's wife vs Tim Anderson's girlfriend. Tom Hart was thinking about other things while broadcasting a college baseball game.

Culture Wars: Bud Light sales are down 25%. Dylan Mulvaney apparently loves chicks now. Target's market capitalization is down $10B following 'tuck-friendly' backlash. Rachelle Lefevre is furious at Target for a different reason. Forgiato Blow is back with a new banger.

We didn't get 100% positive feedback from our Dave Landau YouTube video, but we got a lot of feedback.

Happy Elizabeth Holmes Prison Day.

You are NOT allowed to open the emergency door mid-flight no matter the amazing video it makes. South Korea takes this kind of action very seriously.

Some chick in Florida beached her car after driving on it... going 50 MPH... drunk. She cannot figure out why she's in trouble.

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More Sports: The Detroit Tigers need money and Meijer is here to give it to them. The Michigan State Spartans will play a home game at Ford Field and fans/local businesses are pissed. Jewel has her José Feliciano moment. A tire went crazy at the Indy 500. The Detroit Grand Prix is this weekend.

We listen to two completely different phone calls from Ace Frehley's ex-girlfriend, Rachael Gordon.

John Mellencamp demands full attention from his audience.

Amy Robach & TJ Holmes are still hot and heavy, but Amy finds some time for her daughter.

Halle Berry has baby-daddy drama. Namely the fact that they make a ton of money off of her "child support" payments.

Britney Spears totally forgives Lynne Spears for all her past transgressions. "Time heals all wounds".

Aaron Rodgers is a Swiftie.

Dateline covered the mysterious disappearance of Chris Smith. Brian Laundrie's mother is in hot water over her 'burn after reading' note. The Sam McCray case locally is unbelievable. Jordan Neely's family is suing Daniel Penny for all that GiveSendGo money. A Las Vegas teen is busted for rape. A baseball player is missing after jumping from a boat in the Bahamas. The family has a GoFundMe out there.

Another Detroit Lions player is investigated for gambling, but no worry as he "was not a prominent member of the 2022 team."

Check out this gnarly shootout in a North Carolina bus.

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Drew And Mike – May 29, 2023

Drew And Mike – May 29, 2023

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