Dumpster Fyre

Dumpster Fyre

Update: 2022-04-18


DISCLAIMER: This episode contains potential spoilers that involve two separate documentaries about the events that unfolded at a particular music festival (that never actually happened). It is advised that you go and check out "Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened" on Netflix and "Fyre Fraud" on Hulu. By doing so, it will loop you into this entire episode so you're not sitting there confused like Michelle is half of the time.

Somehow, someway, and still unbeknownst to Michelle, we've made it through 5 whole seasons of this podcast. We say thank you A LOT, but we really truly mean it. Without you guys, this podcast would just be three music nerds arguing about random music shit while drinking in a dimly but colorfully lit basement with one of the most extensive record collections you've ever seen. You guys are the reason we've been able to take this show to the next level, and for that, we will be forever grateful.

While we're on the subject of being grateful, we imagine that those who attended the biggest music festival farce in history are also probably forever grateful that they made it out of that whole ordeal alive. Calling it a perpetual dumpster fire would be putting it lightly, and would never really do the events that actually unfolded before everyone's eyes, any real justice. A story that when told, seems like that of a mockumentary of sorts. Perhaps the best mockumentary you could ever imagine watching, but unfortunately for literally everyone involved "The Fyre Festival" wasn't part of any fake documentary for everyone to mock. It was a very real idea, that had very real consequences.

What do you get when you mix a fraudster with the right connections, a lot of money that belongs to other people, and an idea that would (in reality) take years to actually come to fruition?
The brainchild of master swindler and self-proclaimed "entrepreneur" Billy McFarland, The Fyre Festival was supposed to be the world's most elite and luxurious music festival that anyone had ever seen. Set to take place in the Bahamas, The Fyre Festival was supposed to have it all and then some, but the events that would unfold would tell a very, very different story.

This week we're talking about the biggest music festival dumpster fyre of all time, and it's a doozie if we've ever heard of one. A music festival with no actual music? Check. FEMA tents sold as private luxury villas? Check. No electricity or running water? Check. Cheese sandwiches instead of the gourmet food you were promised? Check. Continuing to defraud the same people who put their money and trust into you? Check.

We watched all hell break loose, and if you're listening to this, chances are you also watched all hell break loose at the greatest but also the worst music festival that never was.

This leaves us with one lingering question. Just how far would you go to make sure that everyone had clean drinking water? It's the season 5 finale of Billy McFarland's cell mate's ex-wife's favorite music podcast. LET'S GO!!!

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Dumpster Fyre

Dumpster Fyre

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