DiscoverImpaulsive with Logan PaulE327 Snoop Dogg’s Last Moments With 2Pac & Kobe, Betting On Jake Paul
E327 Snoop Dogg’s Last Moments With 2Pac & Kobe, Betting On Jake Paul

E327 Snoop Dogg’s Last Moments With 2Pac & Kobe, Betting On Jake Paul

Update: 2022-05-244


Legendary rapper & multi-media mogul, Snoop Dogg, joins the boys to discuss final moments with 2Pac & Kobe, walking in on a naked Katy Perry, why Lebron isn’t the GOAT, betting millions on Jake Paul, buying Death Row Records, turning down $2mil from Michael Jordan, famous friendships (Kevin Hart, Martha Stewart, Elon Musk), fighting Wiz Khalifa & more…


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0:00 Intro

3:26 Veecon & Night Clubs

6:08 Amber Heard Trending

8:38 Welcome Snoop Dogg!

10:28 Betting On Jake Paul

12:55 Prince’s House & Crypto Dip

17:34 Gary Vee Kisses Snoop Dogg!

20:19 Kendrick Lamar

21:40 LeBron James GOAT?

23:32 Buying Death Row Records

27:12 Shaq

29:24 Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson & Larry Bird

31:57 Kobe Bryant Story

33:30 2Pac’s Final Moments

39:46 Elon Musk Is Awkward

42:18 Kevin Hart

43:13 Martha Stewart Relationship

47:59 Wiz Khalifa Fight?

50:15 Walking In On Katy Perry


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E327 Snoop Dogg’s Last Moments With 2Pac & Kobe, Betting On Jake Paul

E327 Snoop Dogg’s Last Moments With 2Pac & Kobe, Betting On Jake Paul