DiscoverImpaulsive with Logan PaulE355 FaZe Banks Confesses Love For Alissa Violet, Hatred For Jake Paul, Adin Ross
E355 FaZe Banks Confesses Love For Alissa Violet, Hatred For Jake Paul, Adin Ross

E355 FaZe Banks Confesses Love For Alissa Violet, Hatred For Jake Paul, Adin Ross

Update: 2022-12-062


Gamer & OG YouTuber, FaZe Banks, joins the boys to discuss rocky breakup with Alissa Violet, rivalry VS Jake & Logan Paul, getting 51/50’d, leaving YouTube & streaming forever, RiceGum diss tracks, trailblazing Esports entertainment w/ FaZe Clan, Top 2 Call Of Duty games, Logan Paul being a clout chaser, ex-girlfriend s*x & more…


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0:00 Intro

0:34 Predicting The Future

2:35 Welcome FaZe Banks! 🔥

4:54 Does Banks TRULY Like Mike?

7:55 Why Banks Left YouTube

13:24 Love Of Esports & Videogames 🎮

19:55 Top 2 Call Of Duty Games

25:16 How FaZe Clan Started (FaZe Temperrr)

32:09 Viral Clip Of Ball Hitting Banks In Face

36:47 RiceGum & Alissa Violet VS Jake Paul (Clout House VS Team 10) 😳

42:38 Falling In Love w/ Alissa Violet ❤️

44:19 How Mike Met Banks

46:32 Would Banks Date Alissa Violet Again?

48:31 Alissa Violet Donut Story 🍩

52:39 Getting 51/50’d (Mental Illness Struggles)

1:01:56 How Does Banks Pull Hot Women?

1:06:50 Adin Ross, Sommer Ray, RiceGum (Content House)

1:09:28 Is Logan Paul A Clout Chaser?

1:12:22 Love Or Hate Keemstar?

1:19:38 Lana & Mike Hooked Up On Logan’s Furniture? 🙊

1:23:58 Logan Paul Thanks FaZe Banks!


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E355 FaZe Banks Confesses Love For Alissa Violet, Hatred For Jake Paul, Adin Ross

E355 FaZe Banks Confesses Love For Alissa Violet, Hatred For Jake Paul, Adin Ross