DiscoverThe Viall FilesE489 Ask Nick - He Loved Me Until He Knew My Secret
E489 Ask Nick - He Loved Me Until He Knew My Secret

E489 Ask Nick - He Loved Me Until He Knew My Secret

Update: 2022-10-171


Welcome back to another juicy and exciting episode of The Viall Files: Ask Nick Edition! On this show, we’re here again to bring on our callers and help them by giving them advice as they navigate the dating world and other relationships. We bring on our first caller who is adopted and is having issues trying to form an adult relationship with her birth mother. After her biological mom starts displaying toxic energy and jealousy towards the caller’s adopted parents, she wonders how she can best go about facilitating a relationship with the person that gave birth to her. We then bring on our second caller who is having issues after her boyfriend went through her phone while she was sleeping, revealing that in the past she was a sugar baby. Surprised by this discovery, the boyfriend doesn’t seem as engaged or happy in the relationship. Our caller wonders how to approach talking to her boyfriend about loving her for all of her and not judging her past. We then bring on our last caller who is dating a guy that went on a reality TV show. Now that the show is coming out and it seems like this guy is getting an edit that makes him look really bad, our caller wonders how to react to it all, especially after seeing him have some negative traits with bad communication. 

“You have to give people an opportunity to accept you” 

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E489 Ask Nick - He Loved Me Until He Knew My Secret

E489 Ask Nick - He Loved Me Until He Knew My Secret

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