DiscoverThe Viall FilesE497 Going Deeper - Love Is Blind Recap with Michelle Collins
E497 Going Deeper - Love Is Blind Recap with Michelle Collins

E497 Going Deeper - Love Is Blind Recap with Michelle Collins

Update: 2022-11-031


Welcome back to another episode of The Viall Files, Going Deeper Edition! Today we are joined by comedian, podcaster, and host, Michelle Collins! We’re back again to recap episodes 8 through 10 as we break down how our lovely couples are doing as we lead up to their highly anticipated wedding days! Before we get to Love Is Blind, we kick things off with some Pop Culture News! We rate celebrity Halloween costumes, react to Heidi Klum’s realistic worm outfit, talk about Prince Harry’s upcoming memoir, and talk about a Reddit post about splitting rent when you’re in different financial situations. We then get to the episodes! We dive into Raven and SK, talking about their rent argument, Raven growing on everyone during the season, a “romantic” back alley gondola ride, and the shock wedding twist ending in heartbreak. We then debate if every couple is a bit toxic, Michelle gives her hot takes on Alexa and Brennan, and talks about Alexa’s dad being hot as hell. We also talk about how the bachelor parties could’ve used a bigger budget, how the show only needs one success story, and Bartise’s crude comments at dinner. We get into the Nerf Gun fight with Cole, Zanab needing way more support from her partner, and if the women chose boys over men. We talk about the couples ignoring obvious red flags, how there should be a breakup before the wedding, Nancy sticking wholeheartedly to her decision, and an update on Colleen being a ballerina. We then bring on our Texting Office Hours callers. Our first caller needs advice after her guy friend and ex-boyfriend moved into a place together. After her friend asks our caller to visit, she wonders what the best way to approach this situation is. Our second caller wonders how to break a toxic cycle and change a situationship back into a friends with benefits relationship. 

“You’re being understanding like you’re his GF, but you’re not his GF.” 

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E497 Going Deeper - Love Is Blind Recap with Michelle Collins

E497 Going Deeper - Love Is Blind Recap with Michelle Collins

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