DiscoverThe Viall FilesE498 Ask Nick - Matchmaking Gone Wrong
E498 Ask Nick - Matchmaking Gone Wrong

E498 Ask Nick - Matchmaking Gone Wrong

Update: 2022-11-071


Welcome back to another juicy and exciting episode of The Viall Files: Ask Nick Edition! We’re back again to bring on our callers and give them advice on their situations. We bring on our first caller who set up two friends on a date. After hearing feedback from one of her friends that the guy gave off a lot of icks, she wonders how she can tell her guy friend to improve himself as a dater. Next, we talk to someone who has a medical condition which makes sex painful. She wonders when is the best time to talk about it and how she can give the people she dates an ‘out’ if it’s a deal breaker. Our last caller wonders if she unintentionally put herself into the hookup zone. Now she learns to understand what this guy really wants and how to be direct with what she wants herself. 

“I’m the Nick Viall of my friend group!”

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E498 Ask Nick - Matchmaking Gone Wrong

E498 Ask Nick - Matchmaking Gone Wrong

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