DiscoverThe Viall FilesE501 Ask Nick Updates Special Episode - Part 3
E501 Ask Nick Updates Special Episode - Part 3

E501 Ask Nick Updates Special Episode - Part 3

Update: 2022-11-11


Welcome back to The Viall Files! Today we have another special “where are they now” update show where we give you updates from our past callers, to see what’s happened in their situations and relationships since appearing on the show. We bring on our first caller who originally came on as a Texting Office Hour caller. She wanted help asking out the hot bank teller she would see regularly for her job. After getting advice to navigate shooting her shot, especially with the complication that he may have a GF, we get an update from this caller on if she’s found love. We then read an update from our caller that decided to follow our advice of sending a direct text asking if “you want a shot at the title.” We then bring on our next caller, who wanted to see a groomsman again after hooking up with him at a wedding. Having to travel to see him again, we get an update on if she could set proper expectations and see him again. We read another update, where our caller was struggling with her boyfriend’s cousin being jealous of them spending time together. We then bring on our last caller, who gives us an update on navigating the dating world, after last time calling, finding himself dating cheaters. We read our last update, where our caller struggled after finding out that the guy she was seeing had been talking to other girls on Snapchat. 

To catch up on all of these callers original questions please see the show numbers:  

Original Episode numbers for callers:

  • Episode Number: 468 Going Deeper with LadyGang’s Jac & Keltie - Olivia & Shia, Cheating Exposed plus Addison Rae’s Mom
  • Episode Number: 473 Ask Nick - My Sister Is a Bully

Original Episode numbers for read updates:

  • Episode Number: 424 Ask Nick - Can’t Date Me Because He’s “Dating” His Cousin
  • Episode Number: 495 Ask Nick - Do You Want a Project or Do You Want a Boyfriend?
  • Episode Number: 463 Ask Nick - He’s Dating Our Co-Worker Behind My Back

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E501 Ask Nick Updates Special Episode - Part 3

E501 Ask Nick Updates Special Episode - Part 3

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