DiscoverThe Viall FilesE503 Bachelor In Paradise Recap w/ Jake Miller
E503 Bachelor In Paradise Recap w/ Jake Miller

E503 Bachelor In Paradise Recap w/ Jake Miller

Update: 2022-11-161


Welcome back to The Viall Files: Bachelor In Paradise Edition! On this episode, we’re joined by singer, songwriter, and Bachelor Fan, Jake Miller, as we return to paradise to recap the latest of the love, the heartbreak, and the drama. On this episode, after talking about Jake’s proposal, we kick things off first by getting into some Bachelor Nation tea. We talk about Rachel entering the dating world again, and we also break down Jesse Palmer’s statements about the upcoming season, with Zach feeling like a throwback. We then get into recapping the two episodes themselves, starting off with the aftermath of Rodney’s emotional exit, Brandon’s questioning of love, and then breaking down Eliza’s trip to Baltimore to pursue Justin. We talk about how valid Justin’s statements are, if he would pursue Eliza after the show, and if he was just trying to win in the moment. We also talk about how everyone is talking about wanting to be picked this season, Mara’s explosive entrance, and Johnny opening up about his family problems. We dive more into Kate’s statements regarding Logan, what her requests for him to do more actually mean, and a surprise entrance by Gabby and Rachel to shake up some drama. We talk about if Kate actually needed to be “saved” from Logan, whether or not Genevieve and Aaron are truly compatible, and the drama behind the itch versus pain argument. We close out with the Sadie Hawkins Dance from Hell, with Jessenia trying to get closure from Andrew, Ency attempting to intervene in them talking, Andrew admitting his heart is still with Teddi, and the departure of Jessenia, Andrew, and Ency from the show.

“If you’re not into her, just say it!”

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E503 Bachelor In Paradise Recap w/ Jake Miller

E503 Bachelor In Paradise Recap w/ Jake Miller

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