DiscoverThe Viall FilesE505 Ask Nick - You Don’t Need to be Happy for Them
E505 Ask Nick - You Don’t Need to be Happy for Them

E505 Ask Nick - You Don’t Need to be Happy for Them

Update: 2022-11-21


Welcome back to another juicy and exciting episode of The Viall Files: Ask Nick Edition! We’re back again to bring on our callers and help them navigate the world of dating. Before getting to our callers, the group talks about avoiding burnout, Ali shares about her first date, and Amanda announces this week’s break-up song, with a couple of honorable mentions in preparation for the upcoming Turkey Dump. We then get into it, welcoming our first caller, who is planning to visit a hook-up overseas. She wants to have fun and keep it casual while also getting to know the deal on if things will be moving to the next level. Is it worth having the awkward conversation and possibly ruining the vacation? Next, our next caller needs advice on how to get over a secret situationship from within her friend group that has recently ended, after the guy started dating his ex, who is still in this group. With nobody in the group knowing about the previous situationship, our caller wonders if she should feel pressured to keep the secret and how she can properly move on. Lastly, we speak with a caller who decided she wanted more from a guy she thought she was casually dating. When she told him she’d been dating other people but wanted to be exclusive with him, he responded by acting confused and not knowing if he wanted to commit or not. Is there such a thing as the right guy at the wrong time, or are they simply just not communicating expectations effectively? 

“Is this helping me heal?”

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E505 Ask Nick - You Don’t Need to be Happy for Them

E505 Ask Nick - You Don’t Need to be Happy for Them

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