DiscoverThe Viall FilesE506 Timelines and Receipts - Bachelor In Paradise Finale Recap
E506 Timelines and Receipts - Bachelor In Paradise Finale Recap

E506 Timelines and Receipts - Bachelor In Paradise Finale Recap

Update: 2022-11-231


Welcome back to The Viall Files: Bachelor In Paradise Edition! On this episode, we’re joined by Natalie Joy as we recap the dramatic two night finale of this season as we get the answers on who stays in love and who will leave brokenhearted. Before we get into the Bachelor drama, we start things off by drawing attention to the situation in Iran. We then break down and react to breaking news about SK and Raven from Love Is Blind, involving a potential court case and another woman. We then get into some Bachelor Tea, addressing the social media posts from Kate and Logan after their breakup, Logan going along with the joke, Ali making her Bachelor Nation debut, and Sierra’s reactions to being specifically requested to return to the beach. We then dive into the two day finale itself, breaking down the last moments of paradise and the reunion show. We get into Wells recapping the season, Mara leaving on her own accord, Jesse having trouble addressing emotional hardship, and the final rose ceremony that has Kate breaking up with Logan. We also dive into the twins going home, Shanae unintentionally being mean to Joey, Aaron communicating that he wants to end the relationship with Genevieve, and Tyler and Brittany leaving Paradise happily together. We then move to the reunion to get the updates on how everyone is doing since leaving the beach. We recap the reveal that Tyler and Brittany have split, Brittany claiming she couldn’t get the space she needed, Eliza saying she felt like she made a mistake regarding Rodney, Justin looking Eliza when he was in Los Angeles, Johnny coming out to talk about his breakup with Victoria, Victoria’s accusations of what Johnny called her, the timeline of their breakup before Victoria starting dating Greg. We also recap Tyler and Johnny talking about Victoria outside the studio, Greg appearing and showing off their new matching tattoos, why they chose to go on a date in Rome, and the happy engagement with Brandon and Serene to end the season. 

“She saw the signs and stepped away.”

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E506 Timelines and Receipts - Bachelor In Paradise Finale Recap

E506 Timelines and Receipts - Bachelor In Paradise Finale Recap

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