DiscoverThe Viall FilesE514 Freestyle with Susie Evans Plus PCA Drama
E514 Freestyle with Susie Evans Plus PCA Drama

E514 Freestyle with Susie Evans Plus PCA Drama

Update: 2022-12-141


Welcome back to The Viall Files: Freestyle Edition! Today we are joined by Bachelor Nation’s Susie Evans! First, we start things off with some Bachelor Tea, diving into Nick and Johnny hanging out at the People’s Choice Awards, Gabby not outright shutting down her flirtatiousness with Vinny Guadagnino, why Nick thinks Peter and Kelley keeping their relationship more private is the right move, filming your wedding, and Tia Booth giving birth to her baby boy. We also check-in with Susie, getting updates on how she’s been since her breakup with Clayton. We ask if she’s been getting any DMs, her becoming in tune with relationship advice, being there for an ex after a breakup, clearly communicating your expectations, and breaking down Susie’s past boyfriends and how it’s influenced her current approach to dating. We also talk about Clayton’s concern that the producers would make Susie the Bachelorette, learning who to trust at the end of the show, what she’s looking for in a future partner, finding balance and aligning ambitions within relationships, how to find the person who can be your cheerleader in the right kind of way, and money versus passion. We also talk about Katie Holmes’ throwback denim and dress outfit, and also talk about people using AI to create profile pictures. We then bring on our Texting Office Hours caller who wonders how to navigate communicating expectations after having to get an emergency contraceptive from a hook-up. Feeling like she was the only one taking it seriously, our caller wonders how to communicate how she’s feeling to her situationship. 

“You fan-zoned yourself.” 

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E514 Freestyle with Susie Evans Plus PCA Drama

E514 Freestyle with Susie Evans Plus PCA Drama

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