DiscoverThe Viall FilesE515 Harry and Meghan Recap with Tara Schuster
E515 Harry and Meghan Recap with Tara Schuster

E515 Harry and Meghan Recap with Tara Schuster

Update: 2022-12-151


Welcome back to another episode of The Viall Files, Going Deeper Edition! Today we are joined by author, playwright, and entertainment executive, Tara Schuster! We start things off by talking about gratitude, dealing with your family over the holidays, AI-generated art, and if robots will take over the world. We then get into the recap itself, diving into the first volume of episodes, covering episodes one through three of Harry and Meghan! We get into the recap, talking about getting really invested because of this documentary and understanding why England cares so much about the crown. We talk about Harry being sensitive because of his mother, Harry addressing his past mistakes in a genuine way, discerning if some of Meghan’s statements are genuine or not, and analyzing Harry and Meghan’s first few dates. We get into wanting more dirt, questioning if you should profit off the brand of the Royal Family, and how this documentary compares to the Oprah interview. We then wonder why they’re making a tell all, the media’s focus on Meghan’s family, and getting into the situation with Meghan’s father. We also talk about being high character in a low character environment, trying to do good with the privilege you have, and working to heal your wounds. We then bring on our Texting Office Hours caller who is struggling after getting ghosted by a friend of ten years over a small miscommunication. After recognizing this is a repeating pattern, she wonders the best way to establish a new system of communication in order to form a relationship that isn’t about trying to win. We then close by talking about Tara’s upcoming book!

“We’re above this, but here’s the tea.”

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E515 Harry and Meghan Recap with Tara Schuster

E515 Harry and Meghan Recap with Tara Schuster

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