DiscoverThe Viall FilesE516 Ask Nick - I Want a Tattoo to Memorialize My Ex
E516 Ask Nick - I Want a Tattoo to Memorialize My Ex

E516 Ask Nick - I Want a Tattoo to Memorialize My Ex

Update: 2022-12-19


Welcome back to another episode of The Viall Files: Ask Nick Edition! We’re here again to answer your questions and to take your calls as we navigate the world of situationships. Our first caller is thinking about dating her boss’ brother after meeting him at a work party. With an age-gap, him displaying f-boy tendencies, and some questionable texts, she wonders if he’s worth the pursuit. Our next caller recently got out of a two year relationship and wants to memorialize her ex by possibly getting a tattoo of his initials so that she never forgets how she felt while in the relationship. Our last caller is unhappy being stuck living with her boyfriend at her father’s house after feeling like a temporary situation may be permanent. Feeling like it’s an issue with his worth ethic, she wonders how long she should support her boyfriend’s ambitions to become a Twitch streamer, while her father actively disapproves of this man’s career choice. 

“You’re already branded by your first love.”  

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E516 Ask Nick - I Want a Tattoo to Memorialize My Ex

E516 Ask Nick - I Want a Tattoo to Memorialize My Ex

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