DiscoverThe Viall FilesE521 Ask Nick - Flirting with a Questionable Character
E521 Ask Nick - Flirting with a Questionable Character

E521 Ask Nick - Flirting with a Questionable Character

Update: 2023-01-021


Welcome back to another episode of The Viall Files: Ask Nick Edition! We want to wish you a very Happy New Year and say thank you for watching! On this show, we bring on our callers to give advice about the world of dating. Before getting to our callers, we dive into talking about being pickier on dating apps and testing the waters with a Facetime date. We then bring on our first caller, who after reconnecting with a past girlfriend, finds out that she’s already dating someone. Even after seeing red flags everywhere, knowing that she’s being suspicious, he still continues talking to her, wondering at this point if he should cut things off or not ask too many questions. Our next caller is wondering whether she should have her mom, who she is closest to, walk her down the aisle instead of her dad. Knowing that her dad can take things personally, she worries that she may be ending a relationship by going with her mom. Our last caller is wondering what to do after she finds old friends coming out of the woodwork after getting engaged. Now, our caller wonders how to deal with a friendship that’s changed and, while important, is no longer a priority. 

“Spoiler alert: I think about you a lot.” 

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E521 Ask Nick - Flirting with a Questionable Character

E521 Ask Nick - Flirting with a Questionable Character

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