DiscoverThe Viall FilesE546 Ask Nick Updates Special Episode - Part 5
E546 Ask Nick Updates Special Episode - Part 5

E546 Ask Nick Updates Special Episode - Part 5

Update: 2023-02-24


Welcome back to The Viall Files! Today we have another special “where are they now” update show where we give you updates from our past callers, to see what’s happened in their situations and relationships since appearing on the show. 

We bring on our first caller whose boyfriend was still extremely close with his ex-girlfriend. Has she been able to talk to her boyfriend and establish boundaries? Our second caller was blindsided into meeting her dad’s mistress on Thanksgiving, and Nick had advised her to have a brutally honest conversation with her father about wanting to respect him. Finally, we get an update from our caller that had a situationship with her coworker, only to realize he was in a relationship with their other coworker. Has she stayed or left the work environment, and how did they end things? 

We also have some written updates - our caller who fell for a DJ that would send her intense text messages only to ghost her again, the caller who was interested in her boss’ brother only to meet someone else at the Christmas party, the caller whose boyfriend controlled what she wore, and finally our caller who was interested in the woman her girlfriend cheated on her with - all write back in to let us know exactly what happened. 

To catch up on all of these callers original questions please see the show numbers:  

Original Episode numbers for callers:

  • Episode Number: #543 Ask Nick - You Are Dick-ddicted

  • Episode Number: #513 Ask Nick - Blindsided Into Meeting Dad’s Mistress

  • Episode Number: #463 Ask Nick - He’s Dating Our Co-Worker Behind My Back


 Original Episode numbers for written updates:

  • Episode Number: #527 Ask Nick - I Think My Parents Are Swingers

  • Episode Number: #516 Ask Nick - I Want a Tattoo to Memorialize My Ex

  • Episode Number #537 Ask Nick - There’s No Medal For Staying Friends


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E546 Ask Nick Updates Special Episode - Part 5

E546 Ask Nick Updates Special Episode - Part 5

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