DiscoverThe Viall FilesE589 Ask Nick - My Husband Isn’t Empathetic
E589 Ask Nick - My Husband Isn’t Empathetic

E589 Ask Nick - My Husband Isn’t Empathetic

Update: 2023-05-30


Welcome back to another episode of The Viall Files: Ask Nick Edition! We’re back to answer your burning questions about the world of dating and relationships. Before getting to our callers, we talk about our weekend field trip to Schwartz & Sandy’s, what we thought about it, and what the staff had to say! 

Our first callers are a husband and wife that have different understandings of empathy. Holly wishes Will was more empathetic and could help with her emotions while running a business, but Will is hoping for more understanding that it doesn’t come naturally to him and he also has a very stressful job. Our second caller recently broke up with her long term boyfriend, only to have one of her guy friends shoot his shot. We analyze all of the signs to figure out if he’s being supportive or wanting more out of their friendship. Our final caller is in love with two men she’s dating - one of whom she has a deeper emotional connection with, the other with great chemistry in the bedroom. She’s been dating both of them for five months, and isn’t sure who to pursue fully. 

“Guys can often act like a boyfriend, and not want to be a boyfriend.” 

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E589 Ask Nick - My Husband Isn’t Empathetic

E589 Ask Nick - My Husband Isn’t Empathetic

Nick Viall