DiscoverThe Anxious Truth - A Panic, Anxiety, and Mental Health PodcastEP 284 - Anxiety Recovery and Why Avoiding Panic Triggers Isn't A Good Plan (Foundations of Panic 4)
EP 284 - Anxiety Recovery and Why Avoiding Panic Triggers Isn't A Good Plan (Foundations of Panic 4)

EP 284 - Anxiety Recovery and Why Avoiding Panic Triggers Isn't A Good Plan (Foundations of Panic 4)

Update: 2024-01-312


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Struggling with constant anxiety, recurring panic attacks, or a full blown anxiety disorder? Avoiding anxiety and panic triggers might seem like the safest path, but let's look at why this understandable and common response can be more foe than friend.

In this episode we'll look at some of the mechanics of panic attacks and panic disorder, shedding light on why evading anxiety can inadvertently feed the beast, intensifying and fueling the cycle of fear. Prudent prudent avoidance in the face of true danger is a helpful survival tool, but avoidance can become problematic when we use it to sidestep anxiety and fear themselves, rather than actual danger.

So if avoidance is more harmful than helpful, what next? 

Unfortunately, what's next is the dismantling of avoidance and a turn TOWARD what you fear most. This may sound ridiculous or unthinkable to you right now, which is perfectly OK. Everyone comes to grips with this approach - or doesn't - in their own way and in their own time. If you're not feeling this idea today, it doesn't mean you're doing something wrong, broken, worse than everyone else, or beyond hope. Take whatever time is needed to think about this and consider the concept. Everyone has to do that part - the mental wrestling with an unpleasant idea.

As we move toward an acceptance based recovery, embracing discomfort becomes an unexpected and paradoxical compass.  This approach may appear daunting, yet it paves the way to teaching our brains that the alarm bells of anxiety and fear are false signals. that don't actually need to be interpreted and treated as disasters or emergencies.   There is quite a bit to digest when we decide to move away from avoidance and toward facing fear. It can't all be explained in one video or one podcast episode. There are lots of principles to follow and concepts to understand.

If the idea of eliminating avoidance to recover is making sense to you know and you want to know HOW this works, first accept that you're going to have to take some time to listen, learn, contemplate, and get a better understanding of the principles and mechanics of acceptance based recovery. Take advantage of all the free podcast episodes, videos, and social media content I've created that all discuss these ideas. Check out the workshops I've created to help explain these principles. Consider consulting my recovery guidebook, also called "The Anxious Truth".  You won't solve this problem or change your relationship with anxiety overnight, but you can start to turn in the direction of recovery by reading, learning, listening and starting to consider this different approach. 

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EP 284 - Anxiety Recovery and Why Avoiding Panic Triggers Isn't A Good Plan (Foundations of Panic 4)

EP 284 - Anxiety Recovery and Why Avoiding Panic Triggers Isn't A Good Plan (Foundations of Panic 4)

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