DiscoverWellness: Fact vs. FictionEating for a Stronger Self – How Much Protein Do You Really Need?
Eating for a Stronger Self – How Much Protein Do You Really Need?

Eating for a Stronger Self – How Much Protein Do You Really Need?

Update: 2022-08-24


Join Dr. Danielle Belardo and her expert of the week, an internal and emergency medicine physician who has been dubbed the Latin Dr. Fauci, Dr. Mauricio Gonzalez-Arias. This week, Danielle and Mauricio dive into a topic that doesn’t get a lot of air time in the plant-based community but that is incredibly important—protein. It doesn't matter which area of the dietary spectrum you are in, this episode will be incredibly educational, informative, and helpful for you.  


Danielle and Mauricio discuss:   


  • What is protein, and why is it so important to include it in your diet? 

  • The meaning of RDA and how it affects protein intake   

  • The daily protein recommendations for increasing muscle mass and losing weight, as well as ways to increase your intake 

  • The physical and psychological benefits of resistance training and tips to include more in your workout routine even if you don’t like it  

  • High-quality, vegetarian protein sources   

  • Amino acid composition in animal vs. plant proteins and how much leucine to include each day 



Check out these free resources: 

American College of Sports Medicine 




Dr. Mauricio González is a Mexican doctor who practices medicine in New York. He has a double major in internal medicine and emergency medicine from New York Medical College. Along with his wife, Mayte Moncada, he founded the Veggie Power Summit ® which is the largest congress in Latin America on plant-based nutrition. Various television networks have interviewed him to combat disinformation and he frequently collaborates with CNN en Español, Telemundo, Televisa, and Univision La Saga. He has also been interviewed by People Magazine, The Today Show, InStyle, and GQ Mexico and shared a forum panel with Dr. Tedros and Bill Clinton. 


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Eating for a Stronger Self – How Much Protein Do You Really Need?

Eating for a Stronger Self – How Much Protein Do You Really Need?

Danielle Belardo