DiscoverOn Second WatchEnchanted (2007) - "What's not to like?"
Enchanted (2007) - "What's not to like?"

Enchanted (2007) - "What's not to like?"

Update: 2021-02-24


Sometimes you need a good partially animated musical romantic comedy self-parody Disney princess movie to take a break from the craziness of life. Can 2007's Enchanted take us to the ball and bring us true love?

Join us as we take the innocence out of this movie with our Plot Summary Mad Libs and have a fun rewatch discussion since 4 out of 5 of us had never seen it before! Special thanks to Selina J for supporting our fundraiser and recommending this movie for us to review! It was one for the record books in good and bad ways.


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Movie Details
Directed by Kevin Lima and Written by Bill Kelly. Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz collaborated on the score and lyrics. This movie stars Amy Adams, Dr. McDreamy Patrick Dempsey, James Marsden, Timothy Spall, Idina Menzel, and Susan Sarandon.

Budget of $85mil, made roughly $340mil in the box office
Currently a 7.0 on IMDb

A sequel was recently confirmed, but it does not include Lima or Kelly... boo!

Check out our interview with Kevin Lima -


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Enchanted (2007) - "What's not to like?"

Enchanted (2007) - "What's not to like?"

Tim, Chris, Dana, Kari, Nikki, and Spaz