Encounters x180

Encounters x180

Update: 2023-05-121


Who wants a blooper reel?! Who else pees when they sneeze? Who else has smelly pits?! And the real question is: Who else has ghost stories?! Because there are so many and we never get sick of them, but we do get sad when some of you get sick because people curse you for no reason or because aliens potentially abducted you and probed you or ghosts chase you. So maybe we end with discussions of bloopers and the pyramid scheme?

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Edited by the very talented Cristina Lumague and original music by Arms Akimbo!

Disclaimer: the use of white sage and smudging is a closed practice. If you’re looking to cleanse your space, here are some great alternatives!

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Sacha Michaud

I wonder if some of those examples of the curse were actually things that the girlfriend did - i.e. tampering with the car, poisoning the dog ...

May 12th
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Encounters x180

Encounters x180

Two Girls One Ghost