DiscoverWHOREible decisionsEp 268: Mushroom Shaped Cheaters
Ep 268: Mushroom Shaped Cheaters

Ep 268: Mushroom Shaped Cheaters

Update: 2022-05-161


On this week’s episode of Whoreible Decisions, Weezy and Mandii are in the studio solo and begin with a mental health check in before discussing the grooming possibilities of adults projecting on to children and adolescents as they discuss Bhad Bhabie’s recent clime to wealth on Only Fans with her father’s disapproval. Did you know mushroom shaped penises means your man may possibly be a bigger cheater? Also, after both hosts find themselves single again, they discuss if they know what they truly want out of a partner and which things from previous relationships they would keep and which they will abandon moving forward.
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Ep 268: Mushroom Shaped Cheaters

Ep 268: Mushroom Shaped Cheaters

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