DiscoverRelatable with Allie Beth StuckeyEp 984 | Do 30-Year-Old Women 'Hit a Wall'?
Ep 984 | Do 30-Year-Old Women 'Hit a Wall'?

Ep 984 | Do 30-Year-Old Women 'Hit a Wall'?

Update: 2024-04-112


Today we discuss the recent online debate over women "hitting the wall": are women past thirty years old simply past their prime? Will men want to date women past a certain age? What are single Christian ladies in their 30s to do? Plus, we break down the recent controversy over former OnlyFans model Nala Ray's conversion to Christianity and her testimony. Do claims that she is faking it hold any water? Is it even our place to judge the sincerity of her redemption story? We look into all this and more.



(04:16 ) Are women in their 30s “hitting the wall”?

(11:40 ) “Girl boss” lie

(17:50 ) Advice for single Christian ladies 

(27:39 ) Nala Ray 

(33:08 ) Is her conversion “legit”? 

(46:15 ) Guilt over past sins

(51:57 ) Weed moms?


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Ep 984 | Do 30-Year-Old Women 'Hit a Wall'?

Ep 984 | Do 30-Year-Old Women 'Hit a Wall'?

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