DiscoverM Is for Mama PodcastEp. 19: M Is for Mama Birth Stories (Installment 1)
Ep. 19: M Is for Mama Birth Stories (Installment 1)

Ep. 19: M Is for Mama Birth Stories (Installment 1)

Update: 2023-05-17


Dear readers, if you, like most women, love a good birth story, then this series is for you! I adore birth stories too. The particulars of how a specific baby (or babies!) enter this world are so varied and fascinating, and I always get so excited when one of my friends (either in person or online) shares her story.

So, I thought I'd share my stories with you because: 1. I love having them documented and 2. This has been one of the most asked questions on my social media, and, while most of my birth stories are available on my blog in written form, there's just nothing like the spoken word to convey the drama and anticipation of the moment (or MANY MOMENTS, in my case) when you get to meet that sweet new life.

Fair warning: I managed to record three different podcasts for this series, which will get us through the end of May, but our family is on an extended trip to Europe and will not return until the week of June 14th, so there will be a brief hiatus until I have a new episode for you. So sorry to leave you hanging, but there was only so much time in which to get everything done before we left. :)

Enjoy Installation Number 1!

Bible references:

Proverbs 4:27

Hebrews 12:2

Genesis 3:16

Philippians 3:14


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Ep. 19: M Is for Mama Birth Stories (Installment 1)

Ep. 19: M Is for Mama Birth Stories (Installment 1)

Abbie Halberstadt